Is it really free?


Are the nativities for sale?

No, they are loaned to us by exhibitors.

Can I be an exhibitor?

Yes.  Please contact us at

Can we take pictures?

With permission, pictures may be taken.  Please refrain from using a flash.

What is the Nativity Challenge?

We have created a treasure hunt that challenges you to find nativities: from different countries, made from particular materials, containing specific items or having a characteristic that is unusual.  Our hope is that you will look closely at the uniqueness of each depiction.

How long does it take you to set up?

It takes about 300 man hours.

Where are you going to be next?

This is our only exhibit. 

Why do you have DO NOT TOUCH signs?

We are responsible for nativities that maybe irreplaceable and most have great sentimental value to our exhibitors.

Do you accept donations?

Monetary donations will be given to Lamb of God Women's mission group, and Concordia Preschool. If you have a nativity to donate we would be happy to share it for years to come with the community.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes.  We set up so that wheelchairs, walkers and strollers have plenty of room to negotiate.

Is there parking?

Yes. There is parking and there will be a bus unload zone. We are also on Metro's bus routes.  We are on routes MT 243 Jackson Park, MT 41, MT 994, MT 243 Bellevue, MT 64, MT 65, MT 75, MT 306, MT 309, MT 312, MT 372, MT 522, MT 72,